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Enable init.d scripts on Cyanogenmod 12

On my phones I want to have mount point directory /mnt/disk, because I like to use SSHFSAndroid to mount my server shares to this location.

By default, init.d is not enabled on Cyanogenmod 12 or 12.1.

Thanks to Ryuinferno @ XDA, there is a simple way to enable init.d again.

1. Download init.sh script, extract it and put on the root of your SD card.

2. Install a Terminal Emulator and Busybox.

3. Open the Terminal application and then issue the following commands:

cd /sdcard/
sh initd.sh

4. Reboot and check if file /data/Test.log exists. If yes, init.d works on your phone.

5. You can use /system/etc/init.d/80DiskMountPoint script, to create /mnt/disk mount point every boot of your device.

If not, you will have to run Uni-init, Term-init or Zip-init from this XDA article.

BTW, you can control init.d and many other Kernel settings using Kernel Adiutor.